C.L.A.C. (Cosmic Light Axial Connection) is an alignment healing practice created by The Butterfly Effect Center founder, Patricia Rossato, for the purpose of bringing back harmony and equilibrium to all aspects (spiritual, emotional, mental and physical) of the human experience. This optimal state of balance is achieved by integrating a high vibration energy, light and information.

In one session the person will be connected directly to the Source using powerful healing frequencies. It is recommended a minimum of three subsequent session of 30-45 minutes, where the energetic frequencies will re-educate your mind and body, erasing old programing that are harmful to your health, in all levels of consciousness, physical, emotional and spiritual. All symptoms at any level, are the manifestation of an energetic imbalance. By returning to its equilibrium, we can heal ourselves from the inside out.

To schedule an introductory session please contact Patricia Rossato, 305-301-4533 or email us at info@tbecenter.com